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Love and Healing Crystals for Valentines Day

Love and Healing Crystals for Valentines Day 

Crystals are a great way to cleanse your energy and bring balance to your mind, body and soul. In the spirit of valentine's day, using crystals such as Rhodonite, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine can be a great way of manifesting and attracting love into your life.


  • Not only does rose quartz help with attracting a soul mate, but it also helps you love yourself.
  • Rose quartz is a great crystal to use if you need to feel more confident and feminine. This crystal also brings out feminine energy and helps you feel like the divine goddess you are.
  • Sleeping with crystals or wearing them throughout the day can revitalize how you feel and refresh your mind and spirit.
  • Wearing a rose quartz bracelet or necklace can help heal you throughout the day. But make sure to sage your crystals every morning to ensure none of yesterday's negative energy is still lingering around!



  • Rhodonite is a crystal that is not as well known as rose quartz but still a great tool to open up your heart chakra.
  • Rhodonite can help heal deep rooted ancestral trauma and break generational curses. If you ever feel the need to ground your energy, rhodonite can be your best friend because it helps heal emotional trauma and emotional shock.
  • It clears your heart chakra of any negativity and brings a feeling of peace. So if you are trying to deal with past emotional abuse, rhodonite can help amplify your healing journey.



  • Last but not least, Green Aventurine may not look like rose quartz or rhodonite but it still has great benefits in healing your heart chakra.
  • Green Aventurine has a great of transmuting any negative energy into positive energy, kind of like a water filter.
  • It takes negative emotion and cleanses it so it turns pure and positive. This can be a great way of finding emotional balance and aligning your chakras.
  • If you suffer from anxiety of any kind, Green Aventurine soothes and comforts you to bring about a feeling of peace and serenity. As it comforts you, this crystal also heals your heart from any past trauma.



Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Green Aventurine are three of the best crystals to use this valentines day to promote feelings of love and nurturing for yourself. Whether you are manifesting a soul mate, or trying to learn how to love yourself, these crystals are a great tool to aid in your progress.



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