108 Mala Beads Basics

Since ancient times, humans have threaded colorful flowers, shells and beads into ornaments to be worn as jewelry. Putting on a necklace or bracelet is as instinctive as putting on good clothes or perfume to attract attention, making a statement or telling a story. However, there is some jewelry that serves much deeper purposes both for men and women.

Natural gemstones, antique symbols, sacred animal bones, healing crystals are some ideas how everyone from Buddhist Monks to spiritual Shamans to modern day Yogis can incorporate the healing properties of these elements into their daily lives through jewelry.



Beautiful knotted and beaded necklaces called Malas are most popular for purpose of meditation in Buddhist and Hindu faiths. They follow the same idea as a Catholic rosary – wearer of the mala will repeat a mantra, counting each repetition on the beads of the mala. A full mala has an exact count of 108 beads plus an extra bead called the Guru bead. Often, this guru bead is attached to a tassel.

Malas provide spiritual healing by facilitating ease of meditation and mantra chanting. As with the gemstones used in other jewelry, malas can be made from crystals that provide healing benefits.

The combination of a mantra/meditation practice plus healing properties of gemstones from which the mala has been created, can result in powerful spiritual, emotional and physical healing experiences. Discover various Mala Beads that Sivalya has to offer and elevate your practice to next level.

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