3 Simple Steps to Energize and Activate Your Crystals during the Super Moon

Are you ready to activate your crystals during the Super Blood Moon?

The most powerful way to charge crystals is with intention setting under the sun or moon light. During a major celestial event like a super-moon lunar eclipse, it is extra beneficial to boost a crystals energy by charging it under the moonlight

With use over time, crystals and gemstones absorb all negative or un-beneficial energy in your environment and transform it into a positive or useful energy. A crystal cleansing and energizing ritual, during this time, can give boost to their inherent energies and crystals love to get their day of self-care!

Here are 3 simple steps for the crystal cleansing and energizing ritual. Remember!! Always keep the best intentions in your heart when activating your Crystals🔮 or Mala Beads📿

✅Cleansing: Place all of your crystals in a bowl or under running water. Because salt water can damage the properties of some crystals, it is best to immerse them in plain water.

✅Charging: Place your crystals in open moon light and allow them to charge.

✅Activation: What are your intentions for your stones? Give your crystal a purpose! Whether it's emotional healing, love, success, protection, safety, or something else - if you believe your crystals will bring you what you want, they will!

Put your faith in the power of your intuition, your crystals, and the Universe! ✨


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