4 Yoga Inspired Tips for Healthy Transition into Seasons

Yoga in its deepest form is about body awareness and mindfulness, and serves to bring overall wellbeing to body, mind, and sprit. As we change seasons and blossom into a new season, our bodies go through a rejuvenating phase as well. The shift in seasons can bring up changes in our bodies and we should have the ability to keep our energies abundant and  spirits high instead of being slow and stagnant. The following Yoga tips can help you make the transition smoothly and swiftly, with ready energy to embrace the vibrancy and beauty mother nature is displaying for us.

1. Join a regular Yoga Class

Seasons can be challenging. Not only with the weather changes but also with how and what we eat and how much we let ourselves get away with! Skipping your practice on a cold blustery day seems like no big deal. But come Spring and with Summer not far behind, we need to fit into those dresses again! Joining a regular Yoga class will give your system the much needed boost and you will see benefits, both mentally as well as physically.

2. Eat Healthy and Light

Just like our workouts, our food habits go for a spin in in different seasons as well! While hot and comforting soul food is great during those cold winter nights, your body will be happy when you make a shift to lighter natural foods in summer. Try to stop heavy foods like red meat, nuts and wheat and go for light foods like juices, vegetables and beans.

3. Fill your home and personal space with light and nature

According to Buddhism, not just our food but our entire environment factors into our health and wellbeing. What can be better than bringing in some sunshine and nature indoors every season. Try to create a sense of lightness and vibrancy in your home by opening the blinds, burning some incense and choosing some nature friendly wall art.

4. Get into some cool flowy apparel and accessories

It feels great to layer those accessories and clothes in winter while in summer time, it is time for fun and you should get into some flowy dresses and tunics for the fresh season. Match up with fun accessories and spring jewels to get into the mood and freshen up your look.

Hope these tips help you find the inspiration to energetically embrace seasons and all the new beginnings a year promises.  Namaste´ – Team Sivalya 💚


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