6 Top Benefits of Yoga

With Team Sivalya, yoga is a way of life. We all strongly believe in the positivity and innumerable advantages yoga has to offer. Besides being the perfect way to ground yourself, yoga helps in reducing stress and increasing your general wellness quotient. Here are top 6 benefits for adopting yoga as a weekly if not daily practice:


1. Clarity of Thoughts

Yoga involves practicing breathing exercises, concentration of thoughts and focusing on awareness. Prioritizing becomes easier, your head clears up and you have a greater ability to put things in perspective.


2. Reduction of Stress

Yoga exercises help you by lowering anxiety and infusing a sense of calmness and peace overall. By helping focus on the here and now, yoga soothes the mind and forces you into the present.


3. Increased Concentration

Mainly because of breathing exercises involved in yoga, awareness and concentration abilities intensify. You will find yourself being able to focus on work at hand for longer periods of time.


4. Better Sleep

A restful sleep every night has great benefits for our mind and body. Life can be pretty hectic and sleep might be hard to come by. A regular yoga practice can help remedy this. Your muscles relax and your mind becomes less anxious, making sleep easier and more welcoming.


5. Physical Benefits

The physical benefits that accompany yoga are innumerable. You will discover that with regular yoga practice, your posture improves, blood circulation improves and your overall immunity gets a boost.


6. Mind and Body Connection

Yoga is all about increasing our own internal communication, which in turn, creates a stronger mind to body relationship. Being in tune with your body’s requirements helps you become more aware of yourself.


Dedicate an hour every day or at least every week to yoga and you will be amazed at the benefits accruing within yourself over time.



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