Mala Beads as a Tool for Mindfulness

Mala Beads are a string of 108 beads, hand knotted individually which have been used as a traditional tool for meditation and mindfulness for thousands of years. You might have seen Mala Beads crafted out of gemstones, crystals, wooden beads, seed beads and even bone beads, and wondered as to their purpose and use. I have been asked by many friends, if Mala Beads have sacred connotations and if is it okay to use them as a necklace or a wrist wrap for decorative purposes.

The answer of course is Yes! Well made Mala Beads are a beautiful piece of jewelry to behold, are great to take to the Yoga and Meditation class and can also be worn with everyday clothes. While two-thirds of the world, across religion and country boundaries uses Mala Beads as an aid in spiritual practices, they are quite stylish and can be worn with everyday clothes.

For me personally, Mala Beads have been a great tool towards intention setting and mantra meditation, and I have tried to harness the wonderful healing properties of various crystals and gemstones, at different stages of my spiritual journey. As we progress in our own individual journey, we set many goals and intentions, which are ever changing like seasons but not changing at all in their purpose - of helping us live in the present by channelizing our energy in the right direction and overcoming the obstacles which are stopping us from moving forward. 

Intentions do not need to be spiritual or devotional, in fact most of goals we set for ourselves are motivated by a desire or a need which and are purely personal to us. There are no right and no wrong intentions and manifesting for more luxury in our lives is as lofty a pursuit as wishing for higher spiritual goals. You just need to make sure that you have the right reasons for manifesting your intentions and are consistently working towards achieving them.

108 Mala Beads are designed just for that purpose. They are effective tools of manifestation which help you stay focused on your intentions and on track to achieve your goals. Each stone and crystal has a unique healing property and you should choose your Mala, based on requirements of that particular stage of your journey, which you're working on at a certain time. 

As your life's journey progresses from one destination and onwards to the next, change your Mala to one which resonates more with your current intention and helps you to move onto the next intention manifestation. But do not be in a hurry to let go of the the old mala. Life's cycle is a constantly changing pattern and you might need to revisit your old intentions well before you know it. 

It is usually not advisable to gift your old Mala Beads to family or friends, as they have been set with your intentions and their energy can change as the user changes. Simply clean them out in sun rays for a few hours and store them safely in a pouch or box. Tie the tassel with a band so it doesn't fray with time and enjoy the energized benefits of your crystal or gemstone Mala for years to come. 

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