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Royal Lapis Lazuli ~ Properties and Healing Powers

Symbolizing Power, Wisdom and Strength Lapis Lazuli is a gorgeous crystal with celestial blue color and stands out royally in the world of gemstones. Its name is derived from the Latin word lapis meaning ‘stone’ and the Persian lazhward meaning ‘blue’. Amazing gold flecks on the surface add to it’s charm, making Lapis Lazuli, commonly referred to just as Lapis, look like a powerful and mysterious stone.

Lapis Lazuli is an enchanting gem which has to be mined from the most distant and hazardous places on Earth, and is found significantly in mountains of Afghanistan. In ancient times, this transcendent gem used to be valued very highly and even considered more precious than gold. Ever since the olden days, many scholars such as philosophers and royal lineage believed that lapis lazuli had magical healing powers and thus was associated with kings and powers associated with their ruling authority.

If you are seeking truth and knowledge in your life, then you should turn towards lapis lazuli. It is said to be the “crystal of truth” because it reveals your inner reality and helps you become more self-aware while simultaneously aiding you in accepting the facts. Your inner suppressions are revealed and the power of the stone helps you deal with the veracities and rise to your highest level of wisdom. If you are new to the practice of meditation and spirituality, Lapis can help tremendously to enhance your intellect and to stimulate a desire to attain spiritual knowledge with inherent wisdom.



Just like royalty, lapis lazuli encourages authentic friendships in your everyday life and holds your head up high with dignity and compassion. It almost gives you a third eye where you are aware of different intentions and can rule out people that limit your opportunity to grow and prosper in this life. All the gifts you may possess that you did not know about come out with the help of the lapis lazuli crystal.

Sometimes in life, making good judgments can be particularly difficult due to various reasons. Referring to Lapis Lazuli at that point in your life, brings about an understanding of the situation and a true, stimulating desire to learn. It brings about self-awareness of our own destructive behaviors and being a protective stone, Lapis warns us against emotional distress and discomfort, leading us gently towards wiser choices.


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