Spring Renewal: 5 Steps to Realign with Nature’s New Beginnings

The month of March heralds a shift in sensibilities; not only does it signal a change in seasons, but also a realignment of our awareness, creativity and spirituality in tune with mother nature’s renewal. There are numerous beautiful lessons and symbolic messages in nature that we can apply to our own renewal. Nature is an amazing healer and quite a creative teacher if we allow her to be.


Five Steps to Realign with Nature’s New Beginnings


❖ 1 Give Thanks for Your Gifts

Gratitude goes a long way in helping us go deep inside ourselves, and be thankful for all the gifts which have come our way so far. As we embark upon a new journey, it is an opportunity to start afresh, set new goals, and give ourselves new opportunities for achieving new goals. As part of looking forward and thinking about new goals, take a few moments to embrace a feeling of gratitude.


❖ 2 Listen to Your Inner Voice

Our inner voice has a much deeper purpose than we give it credit for. If we take some time, give it a thought and listen to what our sub-conscious mind is trying to tell us, our intuition will take us on a journey of faith, self-love and peace. It can help us see things from both perspectives, our mind and our hearts, and help us make the right decisions in any given situation.

❖ 3 Explore Yourself in Quietude

Some quiet time is essential everyday for us to align with our inner self and for reawakening of our purpose. You can do small things in your everyday routine to set some quiet time aside for yourself, like taking a stroll in your favorite park, listening to relaxing music, a meditation session (with or without your favorite gemstone mala) will help to re-align your intentions and re-focus your energies on the right pathways for auspicious new beginnings.


❖ 4 Let Go of Anxiety and Fear

In the journey to re-align and re-awaken ourselves, we have to let go of thoughts and fears which have been holding us down. Only when we let go of negative energy, can we make way for positive energy to enter into our lives. Our successes can emerge only on the other side of fear and anxiety, when we truly begin to let go and make space for new beginnings to occur.

❖ 5 Let Your Positive Creativity Emerge

As the spring sunshine warms and awakens every living creation on this earth, allow your inner self to bloom and radiate with positive creativity from the warmth of your self. Your new journey will not always be a straight line—but with patience, and mindful choices about how to reawaken and realign with your heart’s center every time, discovering something new about yourself is the greatest surprise. Add a gentle symbol to your new journey with Ganesha, embodying success and removal of obstacles with our Blessed Success Necklace.



With the approach of Spring, nature’s darkness begins to fade away. And so should the darkness that is surrounding us. Break away from negative habit patterns holding you back, listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you. Once you have aligned yourself with nature’s re-awakening as promised by spring, your new journey will feel liberating, healing, and exciting as you look forward to the next chapter that life has in store for you.



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