The Quintessential Mindful Woman

A Mindful woman was someone who usually got defined as being detached from this world’s regular pace of life, being a dreamer and of maybe being lost in her own world. But nothing could be far away from this hardline definition. In fact, the term mindfulness has evolved over the years and is no longer associated with women looking for an escape zone, a route to carefree days and haze filled nights, with no concern towards rules of a restrictive society. 

Today the term Mindful has changed and is more than a term, It is a way of life.  A mindful woman is in fact a person who is aware of the good way and the right way of doing things, has an inclination towards spirituality and towards understanding what lies beyond her own perspective, and all this without escaping her reality, her family and her work. The Quintessential Mindful Woman has arrived!


A Quintessential Mindful Woman ~ is the Drifter & the Dancer, the Sun Worshipper & Risk Taker, the Dreamer and the Spiritualist, the Yogini & the Seeker.


A Mindful Woman is essentially a Sivalya muse, and she is not an escape artist of the society but a wonderful, cultural, luxurious and vibrant part of it. She thrives in what this world has to offer and lives a life following her dreams with no regrets and with many plans for future.

She is not some vague thing that flutters around the atmosphere, trying to please everyone and look like everyone else. But she has her own style, her own eclectic belief system and a deep connection with mother earth and her bounties. She loves to live with freedom but also works through her days to ensure a security blanket for herself. She enjoys little luxuries in life and most of all she swears by yoga, meditation, organic food and maybe green smoothies!

She has a gypsy soul but with feet planted deeply in ground. She flies and soars like an eagle but comes back to her nest to nurture her dreams. She lives for adventure and thrives on a challenge. She is a fierce warrior, protecting what is important for her and her own. She is the movie star woman, the woman in the suit, the woman in the flowy bohemian dress, and the  the hot couture woman. She is sexy and fearless. And to know her is to fall in love with her


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