Wanderlust of the Soul is a Good Thing ✨

It is easy to catch the wanderlust bug. To be truly free and explore your real purpose in the world. But its hard to know when and how to begin. Just like a gorgeous butterfly struggles hard to get out of the safety net of a cocoon, we humans sometimes struggle to leave our safety cocoons and truly go for our calling with a free heart.

The cocoon has a purpose of protecting and nourishing, and after that purpose is over, butterfly knows that she outgrown it, so must break it in order to free itself and to survive.

Same is the case with us, once we start feeling the pangs of wanderlust in our souls, once we know that there is something bigger and better out there than what we currently know, we have to let go of our past comfort and move onwards to the next adventure. Only then will we be truly free and get somewhat closer to understanding our genuine calling in this universe.

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