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Earth Element - Five Elements of Nature Collection | Sivalya

Ancient Vedic texts state that everything in this universe, including a human body, is created in varying proportions of Five Natural Elements, providing diversity and balance essential to life. To achieve physical and mental wellness, all five elements must be in harmony and balance. These Elements are Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether and, you can learn more about them HERE

Every individual is a mix of these five elements and a stronger presence of one or more elements in your nature, implies a personality type. Team Sivalya designed and created a collection of eco-friendly, ethical sterling silver jewelry pieces featuring natural crystals and gemstones, inspired by these five elements of nature. Each jewelry piece represents the property of a natural element and wearing a necklace or bracelet representing your elemental type, will help you achieve a harmonious balance with nature's rhythm and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Earth or Prithvi Element ~ is heavy, solid, stable, constant, and rigid. It represents all solid matter and the structure of the universe. Earth gives form to the human body and to all of creation and gratitude for the earth element connects us to the understanding that life is a gift from the divine. We have everything we need to thrive provided by Gaia, and are fully sustained and nurtured with her abundance.

Earth Personality ~ is the epitome of dependability, both as the origin and as the backbone of life, and Earth people tend to be generous, communicative and trustworthy. Just like the earth element, they are steadfast, gently guiding us towards comfort and stability, helping maintain order amid chaos of everyday life. 

Earth Collection ~ tap into nature's power with these delicate necklaces and bracelets featuring Sanskrit symbols in Citrine and Sterling Silver, symbolizing the Earth Element. Wear the Earth Elements to draw in grounding and focal energy on home, work or health. Earth collection enables you to connect with the integral energies of this universe and to remain grounded in any situation.

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