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8 Auspicious Buddhist Symbols Bracelet

Item# ST-PJ-2017


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  • Bracelet features hand-carved Buddhist Symbols, each with an auspicious meaning in Tibetan Yak bone. This beautiful and stylish bracelet is a timeless classic--It will never go out of style and its neutral color allows it to be worn with nearly any outfit.  
  • Fair Trade Item
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Since each piece is hand made and unique, there may be minor differences in style
  • Limited Edition
  • Choose from Off-White or Brown Color Options
  • Measures approximately 8 inches wide
  • 10% of proceeds go to support Homes of Hope

    About Buddhist Symbols Bracelet

    Considered lucky by Buddhists and Monks, Yak bone jewelry signifies usefulness even in end and helps create consciousness of our own mortality.  Our Buddhist Symbols bracelet depicts auspicious symbols, designed to promote good fortune to the wearer.


    Sivalya is a Fair Trade Company and our team supports families in need with the Tibetan Artisans Project. Learn More!


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