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Water Elements Bracelet with Lapis in Sterling Silver



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Five primordial elements of nature - air, fire, water, earth and ether, are considered the fundamental building blocks of the universe and are responsible for the eternal cycle of creation and destruction that is at the heart of all existence. Ancient Vedas state that every living being is created in varying proportions of these five natural elements and, a stronger presence of one or more elements in your nature, implies your personality type.

Wearing a piece of jewelry representing your elemental type, will help you achieve a harmonious balance with nature's rhythm and optimal wellness of mind, body and spirit. Our team at Sivalya created a collection of eco-friendly, and ethical jewelry pieces featuring natural crystals and gemstones, paired with metals, inspired by these five elements of nature. Each gemstone or crystal provides the healing power specifically designed to balance your element and the related talisman reflects the forces of nature within you. 

This Water Elements necklace is part of the Five Elements of Nature collection by Sivalya. Wear the Water Elements necklace to connect with integral energies of this universe and draw in peace, strength and healing. Water collection enables you to continually reinvent yourself as you flow through life.

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  • Water Element: Cool, Smooth, Flowing
  • Water Personality: Influential, Cleansing and Strong
  • Water Symbol: Universal, Peaceful, Healing
  • Lapis: Wisdom, Strength, Knowledge
  • Silver: Protection, Balance, Manifestation
  • 925 Sterling Silver 
  • 6mm Lapis Crystals Stretch Bracelet
  • Comes Gift Packaged and Boxed
  • 10% of proceeds go to Homes of Hope


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