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Our Story

Our Story


Five years ago, little did we know, that a self discovery trip to India will turn into a cause-centric business venture, extremely close to our hearts. While visiting a local bazaar, we came across a little girl, no older than six, begging alone half naked on the side of a street. We invited her for a meal and discovered her horrifying story of suffering and abandonment. Unfortunately, she was not the only one in that situation, in the city of Bangalore.

Sivalya Buddha

Steeped in poverty and social stigma, numerous girls are deserted at birth by their parents. These girls are often picked up by street gangs who use them as human assets in begging rackets and much worse. Starting that day, we vowed to make a difference and save as many innocent lives as we possibly could. By accident or then maybe not really, we came in contact with Paul Wilkes, founder of "Homes of Hope India" and a movement was born. Today, our team actively raises consciousness towards plight of abandoned children and 10% of all our sale proceeds go towards Sivalya foundation. Over the last five years, with your help, we have saved hundreds of girls from a dark life on the streets.

Sivalya Hands



"Sivalya" is Sanskrit for "Home of God". It is a philosophy that encourages to respect and nurture your mind, body and spirit. We believe that in spite of modern life's busy schedules, we must find some time everyday to connect with our inner selves. To follow a path led by our inner compass, to believe in ourselves and to start a  journey of exploring our true calling. We believe that it is a life well lived, if each one of us can discover and follow our true north.

Sivalya Temple

Sivalya was started on philosophy of creating a vibrant community of fashion and beauty enthusiasts who strongly believe in a sustainable, ethical and purposeful lifestyle. Today our community has evolved into an eclectic group of free spirited individuals with a deep desire to explore the light within. We invite you to explore Sivalya and you will find our community welcoming just as many others have, the yoga and meditation enthusiasts, the artists, the musicians, the yogis and the designers who follow their heart with a style inspired by their own personal journeys. 

Sivalya Compass

At Sivalya, we hope to be the catalysts of modern fashion styles with spiritually inspired creations that are produced sustainably and ethically. From 108 Mala Beads to Mandala Tapestries, from Organic Cotton Apparel to Buddhist Ritual items and from Sterling Silver jewelry to Diamond Jewelry, we have carried the legacy of respect for natural materials and fair trade practices, with a promise of great product quality and affordability. We invite you to join us in this journey and share ideas that encourage ethical and sustainable living decisions. Sivalya is more than just a company, its a philosophy for an enriched lifestyle. 

Sivalya Yoga

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