According to ancient Vedic wisdom, all of nature and universe is made up of five forces of nature or five elements. These ancient Indian texts, known as the Vedas, state that the physical body of all living beings, is also made up of these five great elements, which are Air (Vayu), Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni) and Ether (Akasha). Everything in and around us is made of these building blocks or five elements of nature, they are the channels that flow throughout the universe, connecting you with everything and everyone. Once you learn how to harness and access them, you can create and manifest anything you desire through the Five Elements of Nature.


five elements of nature sivalya


Ayurveda also recognizes these five elements, known as Pancha Mahabhutas, as representing the most important foundational aspects of nature and as building blocks of all material existence. Ayurveda further observes that these same five elements exist within the human body and mind. A healthy mind-body is one where all the five elements are in balance and they function in harmony both internally within our bodies and externally as in extended alignment with nature and our environment. Whenever the internal or external balance is not aligned, our entire mind-body system is disrupted, leading to disharmony and imbalances.

Ancient Rishis found that a combination of metal and gemstones against the skin, counteracts adverse negative pulls and effects from out of sync elements and cosmic influences. By combining ancient Vedic wisdom and practices, the timeless science of universe and the five forces of nature, Team Sivalya created the five elements collection featuring ancient symbols and healing gemstones, with an aim to provide a deeper understanding of our elemental nature and to function as a guide towards leading a balanced and harmonious existence.

Five elements of nature sivalya


Understanding The Elements

As these five elements exist in nature, they also exist within each one of us. Everything in this universe, including our life is created with varying proportions of these five natural elements. Take a moment to observe and you will begin to notice these qualities all around you. The more you shift your attention and explore these five elements, more you will be able to understand and relate to the entire universe.

There is an expression in Ayurveda that states, “As is the human body, so is the cosmic body. As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.” This essentially describes humans as not separate from nature. They are intimately intertwined and when you open your heart and mind to this, you will find that the universe has been patiently waiting for you to be still, listen, and learn what you have only but forgotten.


Explore Elements of Nature

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Air or Vayu ~ is movable, changeable, light, dry, mobile, and dynamic. It represents the capacity for motion and gives flight to ideas or goals. Externally, it is seen as wind; internally, it is the movement of breath, circulation, and nerve impulses within our bodies. The more conscious our breath is, the more conscious our life will be

Fire or Tejas ~ is hot, light, intense, powerful, and transformative. Externally, we see it as the sun or fire; internally, it drives digestion and cognitive processes and connects us to our inner power. It purifies our mind from doubt and untruth, and guides us from darkness to light.

Water or Jala ~ is smooth, flowing, cool, and movable, and can also be solid. It transports, connects, and provides protection and nourishment. It reminds us to relax and enjoy navigating through the waves of life. The more we trust and surrender, the more we feel free to openly express our creativity with joy.

Earth or Prithvi ~ is heavy, solid, stable, constant, and rigid. It represents all solid matter and the structure of the universe. Earth gives form to the human body and to all of creation and gratitude for the earth element connects us to the understanding that life is a gift from the divine. We have everything we need to thrive provided by Gaia, and are fully sustained and nurtured with her abundance.

Ether or Akasha ~ is the subtlest of the elements. It is expansive, empty, and has no resistance. It is the source of all matter and houses the space within which it exists. It allows for growth and change to take place. It is the space between your cells, your breath, and your thoughts. As we learn to align ourselves with nature through yoga and meditation, the Akasha will open up to us with its wealth of deep knowledge and immense abundance.


Natural Elements Collection from Sivalya


Sivalya’s Natural Elements collection, with its unique combination of gemstone and Sanskrit symbols represents and enhances the property of each element, helping us achieve a harmonious lifestyle. The best way to start connecting with the five elements is to hold them, meditate with them and feel their powers. Wear a necklace or bracelet representing the element, that you feel is out of sync within you on any given day. For a harmonized existence, wear all of the natural elements symbols together on a chain, till you feel an overall balanced energy return to your system.


Far beyond your intellect, far beyond your understanding, lies inexhaustible knowledge and wealth, strength and power, peace and joy. Do not use your intellect to find the answers for God and his manifestations. Everything is God and God is within you. - Swami Vishnudevananda


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