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With Your Love and Support, we have saved hundreds of innocent little girls from a dark life on the streets in India. Today they have a shelter, a school and more importantly a Global Family bound with invisible strings of Hope. Every year there are close to 11 million children abandoned in India. Nine out of ten of them are girls, due of cultural bias against them. Most never find a home, as little as 2500 were adopted last year. Countless others have a dark future ahead of them. With your purchase, you will provide some of them a chance to find a shelter at Homes of Hope and more importantly get an eduction, which helps them find a job later in life. 


You Are Changing The World For Better With Every Purchase.


There are 4x more girls out of school than boys in India. Quite a few of them end up working as house maids as early as 6 years of age. Home of Hope vows to give girls a better chance by investing in the girls’ futures with a primary education. Donations help supply the center with  brown rice, fruits, vegetables and eggs/chickens. A better nutrition supports the growth of healthy, strong girls and young women.


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Join our crusade today to save girls. Every purchase helps a girl in need with food, a home, school supplies and an education.


Follow the progress of our girls and see which home is being built next at the 'Homes of Hope' Learn More



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