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Our Artisans


Artisans are at the Heart of our Mission


Sivalya was started on philosophy of creating a vibrant community of fashion and beauty enthusiasts who strongly believe in a sustainable, ethical and purposeful lifestyle. Artisans are at the heart of our mission and without them, none of the concept would exist. We have seen that more we work with and help these artisans with their original heritage work practices, more we step forward with creating fashionable toxin-free apparel, jewelry and home décor products which we can confidently say are sustainable and environmental friendly.


Oftentimes, the methods and materials they use are unique to specific regions and peoples. The story behind an item and who made it, brings that item to life and we believe that the living, breathing qualities of Sivalya pieces should be at the forefront of your experience. Craftsmanship is not the only thing that sets these works of art apart; as in many cases, production supports an artisan’s entire family and community. We will do our best to and take you inside the creative process of products and show you the artisan profile, how the products are made, who makes them, and what inspired the design. 


At Sivalya, we are the catalysts for modern fashion styles with spiritually inspired creations that are only produced sustainably and ethically. From 108 Mala Beads to Mandala Tapestries, from Organic Cotton Apparel to Buddhist Ritual items and from Sterling Silver jewelry to Diamond Jewelry, we continue to carry the legacy of respect for natural materials and fair trade practices, with a promise of great product quality and affordability. We invite you to join us in this journey and share ideas that encourage ethical and sustainable living decisions. Sivalya is more than just a company, its a philosophy for an enriched lifestyle.


We believe that in spite of modern life's busy schedules, we must find some time everyday to connect with our inner selves. To follow a path led by our inner compass, to believe in ourselves and to start a journey of exploring our true calling. We believe that it is a life well lived, if each one of us can discover and follow our true north. Today our community has evolved into an eclectic group of free spirited individuals with a deep desire to explore the light within. We invite you to explore Sivalya and you will find our community welcoming just as many others have, the yoga and meditation enthusiasts, the artists, the musicians, the yogis and the designers who follow their heart with a style inspired by their own personal journeys.



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