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Chi Energy Feng Shui 7 Bells Pagoda Wind Chime | Wall Decor



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Large Bronze Pagoda Feng Shui Wind Chime with Bells. This beautiful 7 bells Pagoda wind chime in bronze will help bring in positive energy or 'Chi' energy into your home. Hand-made out of  bronze, it features embossed images of dragons and features 7 bells with red tassels strung on a pagoda chime. Hanging from a red silk cord tied in a traditional Tibetan knot, the Pagoda is graced with numerous small bells depicting various symbols and characters of blessing, longevity and prosperity.

A synthesis of Chinese and Buddhist cultures, a pagoda is often an architectural shape found in places of worship and is believed to be auspicious if used in homes. The color red symbolizes good luck and happiness and number 7 represents security, abundance and attaining personal goals. The dragon is a symbol of power, strength and good luck while a coin is said to bring in good fortune into home or business. Place this pagoda wind chime on your front porch for an even distribution of healing chi energy and continued good luck.


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