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Crystal Quartz Energy Generator



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A beautiful  powerful crystal quartz energy generator. The center has a 4-sided pyramid point crystal quartz stone used for collecting energy or dispersing energy. Each of the 4 crystal quartz points have 6 sides and are pointed with the points also having 6 sides. Hold this energy generator while you meditate to bring in powerful healing effects. Hold it right side up to bring in energy from the Universe, or hold it upside down for self healing.

Clear Quartz - is also known as the "master healer". Clear Quartz can help to amplify energy and thoughts - absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating energy. It helps bring clarity to your communications and helps to calm the mind, stimulating clear thinking. 

  • Crystal Quartz Energy Generator
  • Indian Silver Embellishments
  • Measures appx 3 inches Wide
  • Unique natural product - colors, sizes and markings may vary
  • 10% of proceeds go to support Homes of Hope


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