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Green Aventurine Tumble Stones - Set of 3



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Set of 3 green Aventurine palm stones or tumble worry stones which are lightweight and easy to carry around throughout the day. While playfully referred to as the gambling stone, Aventurine is helpful to everyone as it is said to be one of the luckiest crystals. The name Aventurine comes from the Italian word “a ventura” meaning “by chance".

Green Aventurine - Aventurine opens the heart chakra to help you recognize what truly excites you. In bringing harmony between mind, body and spirit, it helps induce a sense of completeness to your spiritual space that will often translates into newfound confidence. Use this increase in confidence and compassion to approach difficult choices or gambles with the heart first. 

  • 3 polished green aventurine stones
  • Stones Measure appx 1 - 1.25 inches Wide
  • Each stone is a unique natural product - colors, sizes and markings may vary
  • 10% of proceeds go to support Homes of Hope


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