Jasper Palm Crystal - Tear Drop
Jasper Palm Crystal - Tear Drop

Jasper Palm Crystal - Tear Drop

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Jasper Palm Crystal, beautifully polished and smooth, fits easily into your palm or pocket and comes packaged in a handy pouch for ease of carrying with you all day long. Access positive qualities of this remarkable stone by placing it on the head, between eyebrows or on any part of the body that needs it's vibrations and energy.

Jasper - a crystal of creative visualization, can be an aide in bringing your goals and dreams into reality. In many cultures around the world, it is valued for its deep connection to the Earth and as a nurturing and protective stone, it brings comfort by alleviating fear, stress and anxiety. Picture Jasper gives us the chance to see the bigger picture and move forward with courage and confidence. Use this healing stone to begin a new business venture without the fear of failure.

  • Authentic Sivalya Jasper Palm Crystal - Tear Drop
  • Jasper: Creativity - Courage - Confidence
  • Crystal Size: Height 1.5" x Width: 1"
  • Each crystal and stone is natural and unique in appearance.
  • Please allow for minor variations in shades, sizes and markings

In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.

Use the provided Sivalya polishing cloth to gently wipe clean, then remove any remaining tarnish with mild diluted soap. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly before storing in the provided fabric pouch.

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