Karma Om Mani Padme Mantra Tibetan Prayer Wheel




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Karma is a traditional hand held Tibetan Prayer Wheel with Om Mani Padma Mantra inscribed on it's surface as well as on prayer scroll tucked inside of the wheel. This beautifully handcrafted prayer wheel is made out of copper and brass elements and features ancient mantras overlaid in brass, turquoise and coral around the wheel and a prayer scroll tucked inside. The prayers on the scroll can be recited during meditation practice and are said to offer protection from negative energies.

The concept of a prayer wheel was inspired by the method of Buddha’s teaching - turning the wheel of dharma. In Buddhism "Dharma" means cosmic order, signifying a spiritual principle that one faithfully upholds as a way of life. Prayer wheels are commonly found outside of Tibetan temples and it is believed that as the wheel is spun, one is gaining wisdom and destroying negative karma, and thereby progressing along the spiritual path. During meditation, the prayer wheel is held in one hand with 108 mala beads held in the other and you recite the sacred Mantra "Om mani padme hum" as you go along. The word Om means "Sacred", Mani means "Jewel", Padme means "Lotus Flower," and Hum means the "Spirit of Enlightenment." 

  • Copper and Brass Metals
  • Engraved Turquoise and Coral Elements
  • Made with devotion by artisans in Nepal
  • 10% of proceeds go to support Homes of Hope
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