Moss Agate Freeform Stone
Moss Agate Freeform Stone

Moss Agate Freeform Stone

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Moss Agate Freeform stone fits easily into your pocket and comes packaged in a handy pouch for ease of carrying with you all day long. Moss Agate stones are associated with nature, universe and new beginnings. They have excellent qualities including grounding of excess spiritual energy down through the base and earth chakra to mother earth.

This stone assists you in correcting imbalances between the two sides of the brain and is a deeply spiritual stone. It resonates a lovely heart based vibration that most of you will find useful to have in your life. It has balanced enduring energy and grounding ability with sound metaphysical properties that are known to aid abundance and prosperity and helps stimulates creativity.

  • Natural Moss Agate Freeform Stone
  • Moss Agate: Good Fortune - Healing - Confidence
  • Size: 1 3/4" x 1 1/2"
  • Each crystal and stone is natural and unique in appearance.
  • Please allow for minor variations in shades, sizes and markings

In Stock. Ships within 24 hours.

Use the provided Sivalya polishing cloth to gently wipe clean, then remove any remaining tarnish with mild diluted soap. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly before storing in the provided fabric pouch.

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