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Strength and Confidence Gemstone Mini Bracelet Set


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A precious gemstone bracelet set designed to help you step into your most powerful energy. These gemstones assist in pinpointing insecurities and recognizing your power over them, to give strength and confidence in any situation. Tiger’s Eye supports in strengthening the will and becoming resilient. Black Spinel clears all chakras and works to repel negative energy. Botswana Agate helps increase self-confidence, while stimulating creativity and intellect.

  • Tiger’s Eye: Strengthens Coping Skills and Resilience
  • Black Spinel: Clears all Chakras and Repels Negativity
  • Botswana Agate: Self-confidence, Stimulates Creativity and Intellect
  • Strung on high quality stretchy cord
  • Adjustable Size
  • Fair Trade Item
  • 10% of proceeds go to support Homes of Hope


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