Meditation Mala Guide

Once in a while, we all need to take a step back, pause our thoughts and realign our minds and hearts towards where we are really headed. We need to hit the Reset button, stop the wreck train and set our intention to move forcefully towards the path we actually are meant for. If you keep your intention close at hand, you become one step nearer to manifesting your dreams. Our Healing and Meditation Malas are meant for just that purpose.

Mala is Sanskrit for a “Heavenly Garland” and is essentially used by yogis for mantra japa meditation and reflection. Increasingly, its becoming popular as a wider part of yoga practice and bohemian lifestyle. You can see mala beads favored by celebrities, yoga teachers, musicians, artists and regular folks alike. Simply, they can be worn by anyone who wants a more mindful, peaceful state of life.


108 Beads Mala: What's in the number?

108 Beads Malas are a hallmark in Hindu and Buddhist Meditation practices. Monks count the beads one at a time, repeating a mantra and in each sitting make several rounds with mala till they reach 108. This leads to a deep meditative state between deep sleep, dream and wakefulness and allows the person to be more akin to an enlighten state of mind. The number 108, has several meanings and Hindus believe that there are 108 Earthly Desires which need to be surrendered after which we can move towards the 108 Energy Lines which form our higher, enlightened state of existence. Learn more about significance of 108 Beads Malas Here


Each day lived without purpose and meaning is a day lost. And Now is the right time to take a step back and recognize what is missing and what you are seeking in your life. Sivalya Malas are hand crafted with love and are cleansed to be kept pure. We only use fair trade, organic and authentic gemstones, crystals, seeds and beads while crafting our malas. Our helpful team can help and guide to manifest your mala for you as well, just let us know. We hope our Malas remind you to connect the dots and to be present and inspire you to live the life you want to live ~ Namasté