Chakras Energy - Balancing and Understanding

The 7 chakras are vortexes of energy, lying across seven different points on our spinal column and form the energy ecosystem of every individual. When all the 7 chakras are balanced, we are mentally and physically fit but if any one of the chakra is blocked you may experience emotional frustrations or physical illnesses. Team Sivalya created the Chakra Balancing jewelry featuring powerful crystals, gemstones and precious metal sterling silver, which help align and balance the seven chakras in your body and enhance your spiritual connection to the universe. When you feel out of sync with any of your chakras, wear a piece of jewelry or hold a crystal that represents that chakra, till you feel the balanced energy return to your system. Learn more about meaning and significance of all 7 Chakras HERE


Explore Seven Chakras and Balancing of their Energy:


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