Powers and Benefits of Rudraksha Beads


Since ancient times, Rudrakshas, a natural seed, have been regarded as sacred Power Objects within communities of Rishis, and Gurus across Hinduism and Buddhism and, as a powerful tool in path to self realization. In recent times, these magical seed beads have begun to receive interest worldwide, as people move away from nationalities and religious beliefs, and move closer to learnings and self empowerment through spiritual teachings.

Spirituality is different from religion, as it does not enforce a certain point of view or a certain lifestyle upon its followers, but instead encourages you to first recognize your own true potential, your own inherent strengths, and then maximize those strengths to move forward towards achieving your life goals while removing obstacles along the path at the same time. Rudraksha is a powerful enabler in this lofty mission of a life well lived and Sivalya's Rudraksha Jewelry is our initiative to bring to you the magical power of these seed beads in a modern style with meaningful  and purposeful necklaces, bracelets and 108 mala beads. 


Rudrakshams or Rudraksha beads, once blessed and activated in the right manner, possess spiritual powers to positively influence and protect every aspect and expression of your life and soul as you walk the path towards your goals and enlightenment. Additionally, they have scientifically been proven to possess many health benefits and have been widely used for centuries in Ayurveda to cure several diseases. In recent research papers published by Dr. Suhas Roy of the prestigious IIT Banaras in India, it has been confirmed that the healing powers of Rudraksha beads flow from their electro-magnetic properties. Similar to magnets, the Rudraksha beads work on the principle of Dynamic Polarity. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induce a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart region. Depending on the polarity and intensity of this induced magnetic field, Rudraksha beads transmit subtle electrical and inductive impulses with opposing polarity and intensity.




Rudraksha is a natural seed, found within blue fruit of evergreen Elaeocarpus ganitrus trees, which grow across Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. The Sanskrit word Rudraksha literally translates to "the tears of Shiva". It is said, while contemplating Man’s suffering, Shiva — the great Mahadeva, unexpectedly began to cry tears of compassion. As his tears fell, he guided them towards Earth and transformed them into seeds…for the benefit of those seeking achievement of goals and union with the Divine. Searching for ways to enhance their spiritual powers and practices, India’s ancient Rishis and Sadhus were the first to discover Rudraksha, the extraordinary seeds hidden within brilliant blue fruits of evergreen trees, growing in the volcanic earth of sacred Himalaya mountains. Exploring their miraculous spiritual powers, the Rishis strung the Rudraksha seeds together, creating the first Rudraksha jewelry and realized that, by wearing them, the sacred beads amplified, radiated and channeled peace, power and protection against negativity.



Rudraksham are sacred power objects, which possess the power to protect and influence every aspect of your life and soul as you walk the path towards eternal enlightenment. Yet, to express their full divine potential, Rudraksham seed beads must be blessed and activated through a specific spiritual process. Or else, the powers remain virtually dormant in these natural ‘holy’ objects. The Rudraksha beads we use in Sivalya jewelry, are grown on sustainable plantations in Himalayas, Nepal and India. We only use first quality untumbled beads and all beads are checked for authenticity and high vibration. Before creating our jewelry pieces or 108 Malas, the beads are activated and blessed by Shakti activation processes as outlined in ancient scriptures. It is Sivalya's endeavor to bring out in the world the beauty, power and benefits of these amazing Rudraksha beads and to empower those who seek, to become masters of their own destiny as they follow their dreams to achieve life goals.


 7 Top Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha


  • Rudraksha have been scientifically proven to have many health benefits.

  • Rudraksha bring clarity, sharpen the mind, and increase the power of Intuition.

  • Rudraksha create powerful “protection circles” from negativity and remove obstacles along the path to your success.

  • Rudraksham are effective in controlling stress, thus help in eradicating worries and blessing the wearer with greater peace of mind.

  • Rudraksha helps change the karma of the wearer, leading a person naturally to the right path of truth and purpose, making the pace along the path quicker and progress easier.

  • Rudraksha charge the soul with shakti (spiritual power), increasing the soul’s own radiance and its ability to more fully express its divine power & wisdom in the material world.

  • Additionally, In over 6500 years of documented use, Rudraksha have been shown to produce no negative side effects on anyone!


Sacred Rudraksha Collection from Sivalya

Sivalya's Sacred Rudraksha Jewelry, or "Soul Jewelry" has divine spiritual powers and healing benefits that can help transform our lives. While we aim to create jewelry that is beautiful and inspires your heart, our primary consideration is the Shakti (spiritual power), the high-vibrational, healing quality of our sacred gems. Our Soul Designs jewelry is blessed and activated through an ancient Shakti activation process that unlocks the dormant powers of the spiritual beads, making the divine energy easily accessible when you wear it, blessing you with peace, power and protection from negativity.

ॐ नमः शिवाय ।

Om Namah Shivaya |

“For those who have an intense urge to learn about spirituality and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting.” - Patanjali

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