Setting Intentions With Your Crystals | Sivalya

Sivalya's crystals and gemstones are sourced from the earth's core and are highly spiritual, sacred and powerful. The gemstones and crystals directly amplify, and accelerate energy patterns which combine their natural power with the strength of your desires, to assist you in spiritual, emotional, physical and holistic healing. Healing stones become powerful tools when you program them with a specific intention for transformation. Thoughts are essential for directing energy towards intentions and when you use gemstones in the process, their frequencies help to magnify those thoughts and intentions.

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Focused thought is intention that is purposefully directed towards whatever that you seek to manifest. Holding an intention is different from willing something into being. Maintaining mental and emotional detachment from the outcome assists in manifesting process. Remember, without clarity of intention, your manifesting cannot function.

The manifesting power of crystals lies in their ability to collect, focus and transmit the energy of your intent. Wearing a bracelet, necklace, ring or a mala is the easiest way to bring the healing energy of crystals and gemstones in your life. Using the right stones and crystals to manifest a particular intention is critical. Learn more about setting intentions with gemstones and crystals and learn how to balance your body, mind, and spirit.