Silk Thread and Feathers Dream Catcher Medium

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Originally created by American Indians, Dream Catchers are traditionally used as talismans to protect from bad dreams and nightmares while sleeping. It is believed that good dreams gently slide down the feathers and pass through to the sleeper below while bad dreams are caught in its protective webbed net and destroyed.

Working alongside with our Tibetan friends, Team Sivalya has designed a set of beautiful and colorful bohemian dream catchers crafted out of feathers, silk threads and other natural elements with a promise to preserve your good dreams. Available in small, medium and large sizes our boho dream catchers add color to your surroundings and balance your energies with their soothing presence.


  • Silk Thread, Feathers and other mixed materials
  • Choose from colors
  • 2 Tiered Dream Catcher
  • 6 inch width on top hoop, 3 inch width on bottom hoop
  • Medium Size - appx 20 inches long when hung
  • Fair trade item
  • Made with devotion by artisans in India and Nepal
  • 10% of proceeds go to support Homes of Hope India


About Our Tibetan Artisans Project

For the past four years, Sivalya Team has worked directly with a small group of second and third generation artisans in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Sivalya uses fair trade principles which help provide jobs to many local families. This fair trade mindset allows us to provide unique jewelry that represents the inherent spirit of Tibet without the exploitation of local artisans that so often occurs with mass production companies. Help us support these artisans by purchasing eco-friendly products with sustainable, green footprint and ensuring living wages, exploitation free workplaces and a school education for their kids.



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