10 Ancient Buddhist Life Lessons which are more relevant Today

Buddhism Works – Actually. For people who have been raised in religions other than Buddhism, this can sound strange. But once you start living your life as per Buddhist philosophies, you can see changes in your life every day. With faith and persistence, you will experience a transformation, from the inside out which will completely change your life. Here are 10 Buddhist Life Lessons which are more relevant today than ever


1. Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

Your thinking determines your actions; your actions determine your outcome. Right thinking will grant you everything you desire; wrong thinking is a vice that will eventually destroy you.

2. Start Small and Think Big

Its okay to start small, but always keep the big picture in mind. With consistency and patience, success will be yours.

3. Words have a Lot of Power

Words have the power to both destroy and heal your relationships. Speak with care and remember not to hurt anyone with your words.

4. Spirituality Completes Us

We are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. Sooner or later we will all realize and understand about spirituality.

5. Come to Terms with Your Own Truth

Over and above our daily routines, we need to come to terms with and understand our own true selves. Most of the times we can’t change our life situations, but understanding them and finding the best possible solutions to problems is the only way to find peace and happiness.

6. Your Actions Matter More than Your Words

A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise

7. Do Not Believe Everything

Do not believe in anything simply because written in your religious books or mentioned by your elders. Use your own judgment and observation to analyze and understand a situation before coming to conclusions.

8. Love is the Healing Cure to All Problems in the World

Not power, money, land or possessions but Love holds the power to heal and cure world problems. If all humans learn to live in sympathy and with care for other humans, animals and creatures on this earth, there shall be abundance and peace.

9. Live in the Present, not in the Future or the Past

Present is the only moment we have on which have any influence. Choosing to live completely in the present, without worrying about the future or thinking of the past, is the only way to be happy.

10. Love and Learn to Let Go

In the end only things which matter the most are how well you lived you life. Did you let go of things which were not important and love things which were.

Remember to choose your thoughts, actions and words wisely everyday and we hope you will find inner peace and happiness with these Buddhist life lessons.

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