3 Tips for Feeling Good and Connecting with your Inner Self


When you’re feeling happy, relaxed, and tuned into your life, you radiate that energy—and everyone can see it. It’s easy to feel your best while on a vacation, or out to dinner with your best friend, or at an amazing yoga class. But life includes lots of challenging times as well and its important not to lose touch with your inner self at times like those.

We can’t control everything and when life gets stressful, it’s important to stay in sync with your inner self and not let the worries of difficulties of time, get you down. In difficult times if you can’t go outside, go inside and connect with your inner self for a true feel-good factor.

So how do we “feel our best” even when tough stuff is happening around us? I’ve been experimenting with this lately, and I’d love to share a few things I’ve found useful.


1. Shift your mindset from endless worry to stress minimization.


Endless worry stems from our ancient lizard brains and, inevitably leads us to overthink things, situations and sometimes even question motives of people in our lives. As soon as you recognize you’re entering an unproductive worry cycle, make a conscious shift to move away from it and focus on something else instead.

This mind trick is easier than you think and can be as simple as focusing on your breathing instead of the worry-object. Once you learn to recognize the trigger, make a cognitive shift and do an action betters your life in some other area and leads to stress minimization.


2. Cultivate ease at heart and create more joy in each moment


Tune into Mindfulness – in a big way. Core principle of mindfulness is being present in ‘the moment’ – and not worrying about the past, the future or any other happening. Whatever might be the situation you’re dealing with— you have the ability to step back in the moment, shift your perspective, and look for what you can appreciate instead.

Looking for what you can appreciate about whatever’s happening, right now, shifts your focus. It instantly makes you feel clear minded and helps you adopt a more balanced approach to the situation, with a peaceful and joyful demeanor.


3. Meditate and connect with the divine healing energies inside


Meditation has incredible benefits, and it’s something I recommend to everyone for happiness, radiant health, and a blissful heart. Just like good journaling, make 5-10 minutes of meditation an integral part of your morning ritual. But if you’re not the morning type or work the evening shifts, remember that core benefits of meditation are available to us any time of the day.

You don’t have to go on a retreat to be able to tap into a deep state of timeless inner peace and benefit from the healing energies it offers.

What tools and tricks do you use to cultivate happiness in the moment, no matter what’s going on around you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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