4 Reasons to Incorporate Daily Mantras in Your Meditation Practice

Mantras are Sanskrit words which were developed in Hinduism as a sacred practice or a meditative technique to enhance spiritual enlightenment. The word “mantra” stems from “man” which means mind, and “tra” which means transport. Mantra is a tool that can transport your mind into a state of deep meditation. Mantras are a group of sacred words that are reiterated to achieve the utmost concentration. Today, mantras are westernized more than ever and are used as daily affirmations for self-development. Mantras are no longer a religious ritual and instead are commonly used for anyone who wants to experience clarity and peace in their lives.

Incorporating daily mantras in your spiritual practice is highly important, if you want to begin a spiritual journey. We all lead busy lives and sometimes our days can get a bit chaotic, so it’s necessary to implement a ritual practice to clear our thoughts and negative energy that fills us day in and day out.



1. Silence

We are exposed to many people, places, and things everyday. It’s important to properly rest our minds and bodies for the challenges that we will face ahead. That is why sleep is considered to be the most important thing we can do for our overall health, but let’s face it, most of us don’t get 8 hours of sleep, let alone a good night’s sleep. Silence. Silence plays an important role in a daily mantra practice. In order for a mantra to be effective, we must silence our minds. We must clear our minds as much as possible to seek tranquility. As you meditate, it’s crucial to quiet your minds before you chant your mantra.

2. Positivity

Mantras promote positive energy. Mantras are positive declarations you create to cultivate a more positive environment. Mantras like “I am able,” “I am grateful,” or “I will conquer the day” promote positivity because they are encouraging words that will help you get through challenges. Repeating reassuring words can allow your mind and body to fall into that state of consciousness.

3. Present

Daily mantras keep you present. Incorporating mantras in your meditation keeps you focused. The intention you set for your daily practice allows you to be centered. It’s hard to cultivate a state of mindfulness when they ares millions of things being thrown at us each and everyday, so we must repeat daily mantras to keep us grounded.

4. Balance

Daily mantras keeps us balanced. Mantras can help you re-align your goals and desires. We may not always have everything in place, but the least we can do is keep a balanced mind.



So what does a mantra sound like?

The great thing about mantras is that they are personal! You can personalize your own mantra by uttering positive words that will get you inspired. You don’t have to have an elaborate meditation practice to incorporate mantras in your daily life, it only take a moment to re-focus, so when you wake up or before you go to sleep, say a few positive affirmations to help you conquer the day.

With Om or Ohm or Aum, being the most popular Universal Mantra to practice, here are some easy ones to start with…

  • “I will lead with great stride”
  • “I am kind”
  • “I will spread love and kindness”
  • “Today, I will be stronger”


These are good examples of mantras that you can repeat during your meditation practice and I hope it helps you along your spiritual journey to peace and harmony. 🙏🏼

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