6 Ways of Repositioning Mindset from Goal Setting to Manifesting

From an early age, we are told that goal setting is the tool which will get us where we want to be in our lives. With our society’s focus on competition and being “the best” in every field of our lives, it seems that goal setting is the golden rule for achieving success. Except for one thing, the entire concept of goal setting focusses on the parts which are missing from our lives. While goals are important in creating a life we desire in the long term, in the short term it emphasizes on what is lacking in our lives and what is missing.

In essence, Manifesting is the opposite of goal-setting with focus on developing a sense of gratitude for what is present in our lives and to enjoy the positives in our lives. With goal setting the focus is on what is missing in the present and how to achieve that in the suture. While in manifesting intentions, we start with a belief system that the Universe is always listening to our thoughts, feelings, and desires and ways to amplify the blessings.

This small but significant difference in the thought process is all it takes to achieve miraculous results in all aspects of our lives. The constant reminder of what we already have and gratefulness for our current position in life, leads up to a mindset of abundance and unlimited joy. So here is a strategic run down on how to shift our mindset from goal setting to manifesting:


1. Start with the Positives in Your Life

By focusing on what we are grateful for in our lives currently, we start with a base of positives. Just like goal setting choose different areas of your life – personal, financial, career, health, and social and note down all that you’re grateful for in each individual area.


2. Change the Thinking Process

If your goal is to loose wait, don’t think about how over weight you are or how you would like to fit back into that old pair of jeans you always loved. This will make you think about what is missing in your life. Instead change your thinking process with understanding why you want to loose weight. Is it because you want to look attractive? Or because you want to feel good? Or maybe because you would like to create a healthier lifestyle overall. From thinking about the actual goal, move onto thinking about the feeling you will enjoy once you have achieved your end result.


3. Visualize your Intentions

Once you’re able to identify the feelings that your intentions will bring, you have learnt how to visualize your intentions. Go ahead and dream away! The more vivid and clear your visualizations are, more emotionally realistic they will become, in turn creating an overall positive outflow. Isn’t that fun?



4. Affirm your Intentions

An important part of intention setting and achieving is Affirming them everyday. Take 5 minutes each day, preferably in the morning to go over and visualize your intentions with affirmations. Say them aloud and visualize yourself already living as if your goals have been achieved.


5. Walk the Talk and Live Your Life the Way You Visualized it

Go for that run, join that class you promised yourself or commit to a regular yoga practice. Each day keep aside some time to work towards the goal you set. It doesn’t have to be a big change but small changes like scheduling the exact time for your workout, prepping for a healthy meal in advance and following these small lifestyle changes through in alignment with your intentions, will lead to a great success with time.


6. Be Aware of your Intentions as they Manifest

Often good things sneak up on us when we’re least expecting them. Once you’re working towards manifesting your intentions, be open to the surprises this Universe has planned for you. Sometimes, things don’t turn up exactly as we planned but our intentions manifest in associated surprising ways. Always be open to other avenues that might bring us the same feelings we are hoping to create in our life. Blessings will be abundant but might not be in the same form as you expected.

Namaste and Blessings ~ Team Sivalya 🙏🏼

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