Are Gemstones really Powerful? A Personal Experiment...

I hear this often – you work so much with gemstones and seem to know about them. Do you really believe that gemstones are effective and can they help in healing. Do they really have any powers? Well, I do believe in healing powers and spirituality associated with gemstones – not as a blind faith but instead with scientific reasoning and to some extend ancient astrological books. This here is a brief on my personal viewpoint on power of gemstones.


Vedic Astrology

I was exposed to gemstones at an early age, via vedic astrologers in India. Vedic astrology often does not correspond with western astrology and here is a link with more details on it from Robert Koch. Vedic astrology has been around for centuries and was discovered and written about much before days of Gallileo and Copernicus. Ancient Indian Vedas have efficiently described astrology, birth charts, birth stones and their effects on humans based on their time and place of birth with extreme detail and accuracy.

From those ancient times till today, Vedic astrology has been used to predict a gemstone and its effect on a specific person based on their time, date and place of birth. I was skeptical until I tried it. On advise of an astrologer, I wore a particular gemstone for a number of months. It did seem to work for me and things moved pretty well in all areas of my life. Things were moving forward career wise and I couldn’t be more happier with my personal life. Then I thought of giving things a bit of a twist. Along with favorable gemstones, he had mentioned some gemstones which were harmful to me. I chose the most harmful one from that list and wore in on a ring in silver and decided to keep it on for six months.

The Downwards Spiral

But I didn’t get to six months. Within seven weeks of wearing that stone, I lost my job. My health was consistently going down and I began noticing a downward spiral in my energy and mood levels. I felt tired all the time, was the first one to catch the latest flu virus doing its rounds, had mood swings like no other time and doctors hinted I migh be headed towards chronic health problems. That was enough to scare me off and I switched back to my old favorable stone and things did get better after that.

I was amazed that simply switching of a gemstone had that much of an impact on me, both physically and otherwise. Since then I have interviewed many friends and family wearing gems and although they haven’t tried my style of personal exprimentation, they swear by the inherent powers of gemstones. There are also ones who do not believe in birthstones at all and consider it no better than mumbo jumbo. There are many lines of thoughts on astrology and birthstones and I’m not looking to define any personal beliefs, but merely recounting my experience. I would though encourage you to try out an experiment for yourself 😬

Turning Point

As for me, this incident was the turning point. I went on to study about gemstones, explore their meanings, learn about their purity, types, powers and healings associated with them. I don’t particularly care if they are precious, semi-precious, or just plain rocks. I like to look at them, hold them and now design jewelry with them. Gemstones speak to me and I strongly believe each stone has an aura field and it emits an unique energy field relating to its corresponding planetary index. They have magnetic powers in varying degrees, and many of them are beneficial to us for their therapeutic cures.

On a Side Note

If you come across someone proclaiming they have a special “Healing Grade of Gemstones” or their line or brand of Crystals or Stones work better than others …… you should take it with a pinch of salt.

And here’s why : The Universe takes pride in Diversity. Each flower, each bird, each creature, each grain of sand is different & unique in its creation. No two are alike. So is the case with Crystals & Gemstones, each one of which has been in the making for thousands of years and is Unique in its own way. Tapping into Universal Power comes from an understanding of universal law and spiritual principles. It does not come from purchasing the most expensive or the ‘Perfect’ Gemstone. Genuine & Natural Gemstones, just like humans, have little flaws and imperfections and unlike manufactured Gemsotnes are not Perfect! Each Unique Crystal and Gemstone lends us its healing power which empowers each person in its own way. No two people can be impacted in an exact similar way from the same Gemstone since each one of us has an unique place in this Universe!

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