Bringing Bohemian Home in 7 Steps

Our amazing Team Sivalya is all about the Bohemian lifestyle and we are constantly thinking of new ways to add small touches to yours and our Bohemian lives. We’re obsessed with colorful Bohemian home decor currently and here are a few of our favorite tips for bringing Bohemian home.


1. Add Plants

As any flower child knows, plants are a key ingredient in creating the Bohemian look at home. Bring a slice of nature indoors and make your surroundings beautiful and natural.

2. Twinkle, Twinkle

Twinkle lights add a light, playful feeling that is perfect for the carefree, Bohemian vibe. Bonus: they can also add a little romance to your space when that special someone comes over.

3. Texture, Texture, Texture

Give your space some depth and warmth by varying textures.  Use different types of material, mix metals, add a mirrored surface.  Light reflects off each of these differently, creating a complex, textured look.

4. Creative Low Seating

Nothing adds a Bohemian feel faster than a few pillows and blankets or ottomans for seating. There’s something about low seating that makes people want to gather and enjoy each other’s company the old fashioned way.

5. Light Colored Wood and Walls

The one thing most Bohemian style rooms have in common is light colored wood furniture and light colored walls.  The stuffiness of dark walls and dark wood furniture does not generally fit the Bohemian look.  White or other light colors allow the room to look brighter and more open.

6. Bright Colors

Adding bright colors gives a cheerful, free-spirited vibe to the room that is wonderfully Bohemian.

7. Incorporate Imports

International flair totally gives off a Boho vibe. Whether its a Mexican blanket, Tibetan prayer flags, or statues of non-Christian deities like Buddha or Ganesha, paying homage to other cultures through decor gives it a gypsy/Bohemian feel. Bonus points if you collect these items on your own world travels!

It’s really easy to create a Bohemian vibe at home, if you follow these simple steps! Make your home reflect who you are and add some vibes to your life and your home will always feel like a sanctuary. 

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