Healing Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite also known as the “Powerful Protector” is an exceptional stone that contains iridescent hues of blue and green. The name labradorite comes from Labrador, a region in Canada where the stone was first discovered. Labradorite can be found in other parts of the world like Finland, Greenland, Italy, and Russia.

Labradorite crystals were officially discovered in 1770 by Morovian missionaries near Labrador, Canada. But it was believed to be discovered long before 1770 by Inuit tribes who used labradorite crystals as a means to heal and cure sickness. In the 18th century, England and France used labradorite gems as jewelry and since then has gain admiration of its unique shimmering colors and healing properties.

Healing Properties of Labradorite

Healing Properties

What makes this gem so special? Labradoites have a special type of energy field which contains highs and lows and can help raise our body’s vibrations. Here are some of labradorites amazing healing properties:

  • Labradorite contains an energy that cleanses your body of toxins which can also relieve anxiety and stress.
  • Labradorite can lower blood pressure and alleviate hormonal imbalance in women.
  • Labradorite also aid in digestion and can regulate metabolism.
  • Labradorite are especially mystical because they can enhance your brain cognition.


It is important to note that stone healing is considered as an alternative technique with no scientific research, but since gemstones contain active energy fields, they are extensively used across cultures as a healing method.

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