How to choose your Jewelry with Mindfulness?

Since ancient times, gemstones, crystals and jewelry has been prized and sought after by humans and often revered and used during spiritual and royal events.  Gemstones and Crystals have been sought out for their mystical properties and women through centuries have used stone encrusted jewelry to enamor and uplift their beauty.

In all ancient cultures, most notably Navajo, Indians, Chinese and Mayan civilizations, spiritual impact of gemstones has been studied, understood and enjoyed for their special properties and energies. Deep significance was attached to energy emanating from crystals, and healing seers would advise their followers to wear them to mitigate certain negative energetic issues. 

Today use of gemstones and jewelry is sadly not based on its energetic benefits, and many of us loose out of many benefits possible from their purchase. Here are a few tips on how to use mindfulness while purchasing jewelry and crystals:


Know your own Energetic Needs 


Our specific energetic needs are determined not so much by external situations, but rather by our internal balance at any given time. For instance, you may be under a lot of duress or stress due to a certain circumstance but once that situation has passed, you might feel a different emotion. Just as tides of time keep changing, so do our internal energy balances and requirements. It is crucial for our mental and physical well being to stay attuned to our specific energetic needs and be willing to do the inner introspection which might call for tough measures at times. The Prettiest looking Stone might not be the right one for You.


Be Knowledgeable about Energies of Gemstones


Whether it be your home, workplace or even within best of friends, sometimes there are situations which can cause a bit of turmoil in life. Once you know and analyze the issue which is bothering you internally, then you can take steps to remedy it. Gemstones can greatly help with these remedies, but first, you have to get really honest with yourself and once you determine what’s working for you and what’s not, you can begin to do some research into which gemstones can help. Knowledge and research about healing energies of gemstones and, which one is best suited for your energetic imbalances at any given point of time is what will serve your needs and interests the best.

SEE HERE for a quick look at healing energies of different gemstones


Have a Purpose in Mind before Purchase


Never buy jewelry or gemstone based on its price or color or because everyone else you know has it. Be Mindful and Purposeful before your purchase. Most of jewelry we purchase, are based on whims and fancy and are never used again after their first use. Not only does this lead to unnecessary commercialism but is bad for the entire eco-system with cheaper alternatives for everything from clothes to phones leading to mindless possessions and a forever quest for new. It is also worthwhile to know that the jewelry you buy is made Ethically and is Fair Trade ensuring a good living wage and healthy work conditions for artisans and their families.

Take note of quality and beauty of the jewelry you intend to purchase. Ask yourself, will I feel like wearing this ring, necklace or bracelet again and again and not stow it away for some special occasion? Does this piece of jewelry offer healing energy benefits along with looking beautiful? Will it be an heirloom I would love to pass on to my children? Healing gemstones need to be worn as often as possible to get their benefit, so choose carefully and with mindfulness and use your jewelry everyday, and enjoy wearing it with love and intentions.


Pay attention to the Metals used in Jewelry 


In today’s online world, it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for with many options to choose from. The only problem is we don’t always know how the product was made and what it contains inside of it. We might know some of the components but more details are hidden than told, and that is where the problem lies. It’s best to ask questions wherever you don’t have clarity in descriptions and look for straight answers. 

The metal which is used to make jewelry has been considered important in ancient Indian civilizations and most often than not determines the usage and value of that piece of jewelry. Gold is an all purpose healer which stabilizes, purifies and balances while speaking of abundance and well-being. It supports openness and integrity while building confidence in the wearer. Silver is believed to have calming and balancing properties and is said to reflect away negativity and evil intentions. It is a metal of gaining inner balance and manifestation of riches, wealth and health. 

When gold and silver are paired with gemstones and crystals, their healing properties are multiplied and enhanced manifold. Once you determine which gemstone is working for you and which one’s not, you can choose to buy jewelry made from that gemstone based on which of these two metals you can afford and based upon what serves you, and not what looks good. 

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