Lunar New Year 2020 and what does year of the metal rat hold for You


2020 is the start of a new decade and, in Chinese astrology, it is the Year of the Rat. The rat is the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac, which is considered as intelligent, resourceful, and curious. Specifically, when we consider the elements, 2020 is considered as the year of the metal rat. Therefore, aside from the characteristics as mentioned above, it is also reliable and determined.

What does the Year of the Rat Bring?



The year of the Metal Rat brings healthy conflicts to relationships. Specifically, arguments are brought that can help strengthen the relationship. These are essential phases in every romantic relationship as it can also help welcome change, such as moving towards getting married.

Therefore, welcome the intensity in the relationship. You can also strengthen it with the Double Fish Coin w​all hanging as it symbolizes happiness in relationships. Moreover, the symbol also fosters happiness and abundance.

Nonetheless, if you are single, the year of the Metal Rat is not the best time to find a long-term partner. Enjoy being single and have fun before you start looking for love



2020 is also an energetic year for the majority of the zodiac signs. Considering that the nature of the rat is that it always moves and stays preoccupied, it also brings health and energy.

Moving and staying preoccupied at work is also brought by the Metal Rat. However, it is equally important to rest, eat healthily and adequately, and also to check your health.

Remember that rats have frail health, so make sure always to stay healthy. Do not skip your breakfast and, of course, don’t forget to smile and remain cheerful.


Work and Career 

For those planning to switch careers, the year for the Metal Rat provides some of the best opportunities. However, if you love your job and want to be recognized in your field, it’s better to stay where you are right now. This year, your hard work will be rewarded, and your optimism will also be considered as essential when it comes to your work or business.

Considering that rats pay attention to movement details, it is also the best year for engineering and architecture. However, rats lack courage but are alert, so this year, make sure to be careful about where to invest your time and resources.


Meditation for the Lunar New Year

Manifest your energy during the Lunar New Year by making sure that you have guided visualizations and meditation techniques.

For the Year of the Metal Rat, sharing power and meditation among groups is stronger. Therefore, make sure to meditate with friends or even family as we welcome the Lunar New Year 2020.

Specifically, for Aquarius, make sure to aspire and build your spirituality is this is your year for clarity. Do not be afraid of significant changes in this aspect as this year will be more transparent for you and your partner.

Here's to welcoming Lunar New Year and embracing Metal of the Rat!

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