Sivalya Sacred Soul Jewelry and Creations for Mind, Body and Spirit

।। ॐ Bless Your Life Manifest Your Intentions ।।

At Sivalya, we are the catalysts for modern fashion styles with spiritually inspired creations that are only produced sustainably and ethically. We believe that in spite of and modern life's busy schedules, we must find some time everyday to connect with our inner selves. Sivalya Jewelry, handcrafted from authentic gemstones & crystals, sacred seed beads and sterling silver, can be described as simple, effective, beautiful tools which help you define your goals and to connect you with your inner self on the inside and entire the universe on the outside. These tools, teach you to concentrate your energy towards manifesting what you want in life and directing that energy towards those objectives and persons that truly matter to you and your happiness.

Natural gems and beads possess inherent spiritual power. But their full spiritual potential remains dormant unless that power is properly and fully activated. All of our Soul Jewelry is authentically activated and blessed, using the exact spiritual processes, which India’s most enlightened Rishis discovered and have used to create sacred power objects since ancient times. This authentic activation process is what makes our Soul Jewelry real spiritual jewelry, not just fashion accessories - symbolic of spirituality, worn as powerful, physical reminders of your deeper spiritual aspirations. We only use first quality natural stones and beads, and all beads are checked for authenticity and high vibration. Before creating our jewelry pieces or 108 Malas, the beads are activated and blessed by Shakti activation processes as outlined in ancient scriptures. It is Sivalya's endeavor to bring out in the world the beauty, power and benefits of these amazing natural crystals, gemstones and beads and, to empower those who seek, to become masters of their own destiny as they follow their dreams to achieve life goals.

The knowledge of the sacred formulas for the correct combinations of healing gemstones and sacred beads come directly from ancient Vedas, which are palm leaf books archived since ancient times. The use of these exact formulas is a very important ingredient in the creation of authentic Soul Jewelry. They make specific channels of divine power or ‘Shakti’ accessible. Once we fully activate those channels, our sacred Soul Jewelry provides you with a direct link to beautiful, healing spiritual power, which quickly incorporates its benefits into your daily life, including your spiritual processes. Wrong combinations may create adverse effects for the wearer, including potentially attracting the negative effects from those you desire, instead of helping you achieve the prescribed divine results. This is why we always maintain the integrity of the process.

Our extended teams in USA and India posses the direct knowledge and expertise to further empower the holy beads and make them into true power objects which go beyond the natural beauty and elegance of our designs. All our beads, crystals and gemstones are carefully and meticulously selected from authentic and genuine sources, directly from root manufacturers and growers as far as possible.

Next is the blessing and activation of an object or jewelry into a sacred object. This is done by our team and spiritual Gurus, in a true, step by step technique as set by Rishis in ancient wisdom in Vedas with a fire ceremony celebrating the Five Elements of Nature. To gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of fire ceremonies, you need to learn about the energetic forces of nature, the five elements: earth, fire, sky (ether), water and air. Everything in and around us is made of these building blocks. they are the channels that flow throughout the universe, connecting you with everything and everyone.Your Wishes Manifest Through these Five Elements of Nature.

The Five Elements are invoked by priest with the help of the right Mantras. Mantras are the ancient sacred codes for spiritual transformation which are chanted during a fire ceremony. With the offerings of ceremonial ingredients to the fire, infused with powerful mantra chants, all gross and subtle forms of matter are transformed into potent energy. All five elements are now supercharged, fertile with manifesting and life-force energy. Now jewelry and other objects can be introduced into the ceremony, along with name and intentions of the participants and offered to the universe for blessings. With a steadfast heart these sacred objects now have their fulfillment locked in as the target. With righteous karma and following your dharma, these powerful tools will help you manifest your intentions with utmost ease.

In terms of our relationship with sacred soul jewelry, the more we wear them or use them, the quicker we move towards divine manifestations. Soul jewelry brings your energy into harmony with the the elements of nature. Its purpose is solely to heal you, protect you and to enhance your personal spiritual journey along the path of your soul towards its full expression in this life.

In one of India’s profound, ancient spiritual texts "Yoga Vashishta" says that "The highest wisdom seeks you out of its own accord.” and another "Shiva Purana" says that it is the sacred rudraksham that seeks out the soul of its custodian, its “owner”, creating a special bond for the upliftment of one’s heart and mind, conferring protection from the vagaries of life as we move along the path of the soul. As part of this ancient tradition, we at Sivalya take our position as providers of these unique sacred jewelry to be a profound honor. We heart-fully offer our clients the opportunity to experience their own soul connection with these extraordinary accessories of the ancient mystics and discover their own true path in this journey of life.

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