Slow Fashion Movement at Sivalya

In this modern digitalized world where success is measured by how fast your life is, or how busy you are, or how fast you can keep up lifestyle trends, is slow fashion even a thing? Slow has never been considered fashionable. In fact, our economies are based on materialism and how much we can shop and spend to keep it’s wheels spinning, faster and faster. The desire to shop for the latest designs, the desire to dine at the fanciest restaurants, the desire for newest models in cars, phones, accessories and much more is the direct result of fast lifestyle perpetrated by companies and brands who maximize their profits when we spend. It’s time to take a breather, stop and analyze the impact of this induced fast lifestyle.


Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying – Lucy Siegle



From 2 fashion cycles in a year we have moved towards 12 fashion cycles in a year with frenzied attempts by brands and retailers to make you spend more. Creation of events like Black Friday are nothing short of encouraging a mass spend economy. Purchasing a $9 dress may look like an awesome deal to you but in reality it is not. You might be getting lured into purchasing a dress you really didn’t need or want in the first place. Plus it definitely came at a huge cost to someone else a world apart.


Fast fashion churns out garments from designing to production stage within weeks, with drainage of natural resources at unprecedented pace. Under condition for retaining their jobs garment factories force their workers to put in long hours under duress. Tantamount to modern day slavery we think. The change needs to come from within us, the consumers. As more and more consumers come to realize the importance of slow fashion, it is beginning to emerge as the sustainable model for fashion going forward.


Slow Fashion products are generally of a higher quality and hence last longer than regular ones. Which means you have to buy less and with well conceived designs staples, your garments can go from season to season, for a few years. If you ask basic questions at the time of purchase, who made your clothes, where were they made and start saying no to cheap purchase options, we will have a slow fashion revolution well under way in our lifetimes.


For Sivalya Slow Fashion represents all things Ethical, Ecofriendly, Green and Natural in one unified movement. We work with natural and organic fabrics and raw materials for apparel and natural gemstones for jewelry and as far as possible work with women artisans for creating our designs. Each design we create into a product is well thought of and made with labor of love and time in partnership with our artisans based on fair trade principals. Just like fast food, fast fashion is not good for us, obviously.


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