Super Full "Flower" Moon in Sagittarius - How to Wake up Your Spiritual Self


Lunar and solar eclipses are celestial events which subtly impact us physically and emotionally, but if we allow, they can lead our souls towards deep spiritual awakening. In earlier history, these events were viewed as the messengers of maleficent times. Nowadays, we don’t take them so dramatically, yet we know that these powerful planetary influences will harbor in changes for days ahead.

In 2021 on May 26th, a total lunar eclipse of the Full Moon known as the "Super Blood Moon" or "Flower Moon" will occur which also happens to be the second and last "Super Moon" of 2021. Last time the Sun, Moon, and Earth were perfectly aligned was in May 2003, nearly 18 years ago. May's "Flower" full moon is the biggest and brightest one this year. Not to mention it is also during a total lunar eclipse.

If ever there was a time to sit, reflect and make decisive moves toward change, this is it. On May 29th, we begin Mercury retrograde and if you align your spiritual practices between these dates, you will have a calm and worry-free phase between this full moon cycle and the next. Today is the time of the Lunar Eclipse, the big time of endings and closures.

So what’s so special about this time? This phenomenon occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, and the entire earth atmosphere converts sunlight to red light. Right now, global energy is pulsing. One of the most significant energy shifts of 2021 will occur. Raising our consciousness and practicing present-moment awareness are important... It is time to let go, give thanks, and receive.

The Eclipses highlight where we are called to change and evolve, thus what do we have to release in order to grow. Since this full moon eclipse is happening in Sagittarius, we should reconsider our beliefs and face all of them, then release which are outdated and unhealthy. If we don't watch out, our minds can get overloaded and that will take away enormous quantity of energy from us. Therefore, today try not to push yourselves too hard. Try to take a break from technology, as well as from toxic people and the situations that could drain your energy. Try to empty your mind and relax your nervous system.

To magnify your energy and to open yourselves up for deep personal insights, you need to lean into the divine energy and make it work to your advantage. This is not a time for performing rituals but a time for observing and surrendering. Pay attention to your soul and what's going on within you. Try to meditate with your crystals and manifest your deepest spiritual desires. This will assist you in letting go of any bad habits, negative people, or unfortunate circumstances that are no longer serving you. Manifest the life of your dreams and see the magic begin to happen.

Good luck to us all 🙏🏻♥️


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