Why is Lion's Gate Portal 8-8-21 the Luckiest Day of 2021


The Lion’s Gate Portal happens every year, but it’s extra mystic in the year 2021 since it coincides with the same day as the rise of Leo New Moon on August 8. Additionally, this year the bright blue fixed Star Sirius aligns perfectly with Orion’s Belt, the Leo's Sun and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, creating a trinity of alignments which open the lion's gate portal. This is similar to universe taking on a whole new force of power and it can be intense and powerful as well as beautiful and magical.

This year’s Lion’s Gate Portal and New Moon are extra potent because they’re happening on August 8, or 8/8, a number which is considered extremely lucky in numerology. This combination makes August 8 an extremely lucky day for manifesting success and though the Lion’s Gate Portal peaks on August 8, it will also remain open for a few days before and after this date to usher in life-changing effects.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is the optimum time to manifest change and bring our hopes into reality. With the sun in Leo, it's an ideal moment for making changes towards your heart-felt vision quest. Be ready to align with the universe to ignite your passions and make them come true by manifesting them as tangible goals. During this season where you will feel free-spirited and supported and you can work progressively every day with effortless grace towards your goals. If you're serious about your intentions, you don't want to sleep on this opportunity to manifest abundance and dream big.

The lion's gate portal is an opening for high frequency, high vibrational energies — infused completely with Sirian energy raining down on earth, meaning it's a fabulous time for manifesting, setting intentions and do a personal abundance ritual. The swirl of astrological and numerological magic on 8/8 can help us to instantly manifest what we want and here are a couple ways to harness it -

Do a Powerful Intention Setting Ritual

Set your phone's timer for eight minutes and allow yourself to clear your mind of any limiting thoughts. Focus on the unlimited potential for success that the number eight in numerology symbolizes. After your Lion’s Gate Portal meditation, write down your biggest goals and list eight tangible steps you can take toward them. The new moon’s power will help propel these dreams into reality.


Work with Crystals and Crystal Grids

There are several crystals which can activate healing abilities of the mind, body, and soul during a New Moon. For the Lion’s Gate Portal activation, choose yellow or gold-colored crystals to amplify the star powered energy of this date. Lemurian Quartz, Citrine and Pyrite are the best possible options. Activating your crystals with new moon intentions and creating a crystal grid are two great ways to take advantage of the natural manifestation power that the Lion's Gate Portal offers.


Plan a Personalized Lion's Gate Portal Meditation or Ritual 

Whether you're into reading tarot cards, doing candle magic, or just want to use a simple guided meditation, there are lots of Lion's Gate Portal rituals that will help you connect to the day's mystical energy. And because new moons in astrology are ideal for fresh starts, it’s a great time to focus on your intentions.


Embrace the Lion's Gate Portal energy and reach for the stars!

Happy Manifesting ~ Team Sivalya 🙏💛

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