Why Jewelry Still Makes The Best Gift

In the last few years the speed with which technology has integrated into our everyday lives is unparalleled in the history of human kind. Right from how we watch movies, to how we meet our dating partners, to how we shop for groceries has changed and moved online thanks to fast moving integrative technology. Compared to a couple years back, today we can save immense amount of time and energy, by getting the basics done quickly online and enjoying the time savings with friends and family on activities that really matter to us.

At Sivalya we have seen this change in our marketplace happen in real time since we started our small business of handmade gemstone jewelry in 2006. Back in the day, trade shows and retailers were our middle path to reach our customers. But then we could see subtle changes happening and decided to take the leap in 2011 when we opened our online store as wholesale to public and skipped the middlemen to reach our customers directly. While many things have changed since then, one thing hasn’t – jewelry has retained its top position as the perfect gift for any occasion, especially for Holidays. Our customers agree with us as well, and here are a few reasons why we think that the gift of jewelry will always remain one of the most special and meaningful gifts that you can give your loved ones:

❖ Gifting jewelry requires thought, and that thought shows that you truly care.

When you buy meaningful jewelry from authentic sources such as Sivalya, you are not just buying a necklace, a ring or a pair of earrings. You are comparing, choosing and matching to find the piece that is perfect for your gift recipient and his or her personality. You take the time to select that gift carefully and that gift showcases clearly your thoughtfulness, energy and love.

❖ Great jewelry is timeless and never goes out of style.

A fine piece of silver jewelry with a good gemstone or crystal is timeless and will stand the tests of fashion cycles, fads and seasons. While other gifts can be worn out, replaced, or just stop working, a jewelry gift will stay with the receiver forever. It can even be passed on to next generations, for someone in in your family to always love. 

❖ A Jewelry Gift is a luxurious nod to the simple things in life.

A gift of jewelry is luxurious and beautiful, and receiving a little bejeweled package is still one of the happiest moments of our lives. A beautiful piece of jewelry is a beauty for its own sake and it’s like rejoicing in a simple celebration of life for just being lovely.

So for your next gift-giving occasion, spend some time online at our store to find that perfect gift. Surprise her with a pair of gemstone earrings. Treat him to a wrist mala he always wondered about. And as they open the box, you’ll see the joy that is reserved for receiving a truly thoughtful, timeless and love-filled gift

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