Peach Stilbite Apophyllite Crystal Cluster #1
Peach Stilbite Apophyllite Crystal Cluster #1
Peach Stilbite Apophyllite Crystal Cluster #1
Peach Stilbite Apophyllite Crystal Cluster #1
Peach Stilbite Apophyllite Crystal Cluster #1
Peach Stilbite Apophyllite Crystal Cluster #1

Peach Stilbite Apophyllite Crystal Cluster #1

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A stunning cabinet sized, pastel colored cluster of Fluorapophyllite with Stilbite from India. The large matrix is studded with intergrown crystals of light green fluorapophyllite and salmon-pink stilbite in a beautiful flowery appearance. Remarkably well-preserved, this specimen exhibits only minor chips, and comes from the Deccan Traps, one of largest volcanic features near the city of Pune in Maharashtra, India.

Zeolites, often referred to as "nature's detoxifiers," are naturally occurring minerals with a remarkable ability to cleanse and purify both the physical and spiritual forms. Originating from volcanic ash deposits and alkaline groundwater, these porous crystals have been used for centuries in meditation and crystal healing, and can help to balance and cleanse your energy field. Stilbite, with its soothing and nurturing qualities, resonates particularly well with this energy center, fostering feelings of love, harmony, and inner peace.

  • Stilbite Apophyllite Geode #1
  • You will receive this exact one
  • Size: 8" Length and 3" Width
  • Weight: 85 gm Approx
  • Origin Source: Maharashtra, India
  • Stilbite Apophyllite: Renewal - Serenity - Vitality
  • Chakras: Heart
  • Element: Water - Earth
  • Zodiacs: Pisces - Cancer
  • Each crystal and stone is natural and unique in appearance.
  • Please allow for minor variations in shades, sizes and markings
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