Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4
Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4
Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4
Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4
Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4
Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4
Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4

Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster #4

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Rainbow Aura Quartz crystals exhibit an iridescent metallic sheen that is truly unique to each crystal. Each Aura Quartz crystal originates from clear quartz crystals and then undergoes a superheating process where the crystals are coated with metallic vapors from different metallic coatings. Rainbow Aura Quartz, in particular, emerges from the amalgamation of Gold, Platinum, and Silver atoms adhering to the crystal surface, resulting in a luminous, angelic iridescence. While retaining the inherent healing properties of quartz, Rainbow Aura Quartz crystals acquire additional attributes from the metal infusions.

Crystal clusters are naturally formed and often feature stunning, intricate points and patterns in vibrant colors which are enhanced to increae their vibrative frequency. Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Clusters are often associated with spiritual growth and inner exploration. Meditating with this geode or simply having one nearby during moments of reflection can deepen your connection to yourself and the universe, facilitating introspection, mindfulness, and spiritual development. These Crystal Clusters possess notable anceint energetic qualities and are recognized for their capacity to promote emotional stability and balance.

  • Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster [Minimal Matrix]
  • You will receive this exact one
  • Size: 2.5 Length Approx
  • Weight: 49 g Approx
  • Origin Source: Brazil
  • Rainbow Aura Quartz: Mindfulness - Clarity of Mind - Spirituality
  • Chakras: All Chakras
  • Element: All Elements
  • Zodiacs: All Zodiacs
  • Each crystal and stone is natural and unique in appearance.
  • Please allow for minor variations in shades, sizes and markings
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