Yoga and Gemstone Jewelry

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word that means “to join” or “to unite”. When we practice yoga, we unite with our true selves as well as the environment around us. Combining the use of natural stones with a yoga or meditation practice is a natural partnership.

Incorporating natural stones can be beneficial in many different ways and the easiest way to do so is while wearing gemstones in jewelry form. Using in a focused way, wearing stones could assist with particular issues or areas of life that could use improvement (health, job, love, money, etc.) Jewelry is a fun (and beautiful!) way to incorporate natural stones into everyday life, including yoga and meditation. It can be with you always, in close contact with your skin and there is no need to carry a stone around all day long. Carrying a stone in a pocket can lead to the stone being forgotten and washed with the laundry, which may ruin its beauty and possibly its effectiveness.

At Sivalya we design and create collections which especially focus on showcasing gemstones so as to gain maximum benefit from their powers. Right from setting of the stones, to metals which bring out their powers at best, each detail is cared for. Most of our jewelry designs feature some of the best healing natural stones, eg Moonstone, Amethyst and Labradorite.

Moonstone has healing and calming qualities. Emotionally, this stone can relieve stress, prevent overreactions and rash decisions. It is associated with feminine energies, increasing intuition and sensitivity. It is especially effective for protection during pregnancy, childbirth, and while traveling. Its physical benefits include regulating the digestive, pituitary and hormonal systems.

Amethyst has a wide range of benefits, both mental and physical. It can promote stability, serenity and common sense, making it a wonderful stone for meditation practice. It is very good for general healing—it can help with circulatory, endocrine and immune system issues as well as pain relief.

Labradorite is essential, especially in our stressful, sleep-deprived world, . Labradorite can help with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It wards off negativity while promoting more restful sleep. It has protective and restorative qualities, keeping energy levels from being drained and keeping negative energies out.

For a devout yogi and life enthusiast, gemstones are empowering and beautiful with inherent living energies that celebrate beauty, devotion and balance. Yoga and gemstones have an intrinsic connection, waiting to be explored.

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