Our Story

Sivalya - "Home of God" in Sanskrit

Based on the philosophy of creating a vibrant community of crystals and jewelry enthusiasts, Sivalya was created with a mission to support those of us who believe in a sustainable, ethical and purposeful lifestyle.

At Sivalya, we hope to be catalysts for modern crystal and gemstone jewelry styles by designing spiritually inspired creations that are produced sustainably and ethically. Featuring only top grade gemstones and crystals, each Sivalya design is created in pure sterling silver and gold vermeil with meaningful symbols and talismans from across all cultures and traditions, bringing joy and fulfillment to its wearer.

In partnership with our charity partner ‘Homes of Hope’ at Sivalya, we remain committed to continuing our mission - one rooted in appreciation for sacred traditions, honoring fair-trade practices and empowering children worldwide through social and economic initiatives. We have pledged to use ethically sustainable raw materials and environmentally friendly processes in our design-to-production-cycle, with a promise to you, of great product quality and affordability.

We’re growing fast, and have connected with thousands of crystals and ethical jewelry fans who love our affordable gemstone jewelry just as much as we do. We’re over the moon to have people like you supporting us and sharing our vision, and we couldn’t do it without you. Every day we aim to inspire one another, make the world a better place, and create something new. Thank you for your support and see you out there!