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Fair Trade



Sivalya is proud to be a Fair Trade Company. We work directly with the artisans who make our products. No factories, no sweatshops and no middle-men are involved in creating of our jewelry and apparel.



How Sivalya team abides by key principles of Fair Trade:

- No child labor - we conform to UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and local laws
- Empowerment of women through equal pay for equal work
- Healthy working conditions for producers
- Advanced payments to help with pre-production financing, purchase of materials and tools
- Provide fair wages and prompt payment to producers
- Equal opportunity for producers and artisans marginalized and disadvantaged by traditional trading systems
- Commitment to long-term trading relationships provides stability and independence

How does buying Fair Trade Sivalya Jewelry help?

In simple terms, buying any fair trade product helps by ensuring that artisans see a chunk of the price you pay. It does not go to sweatshop owners who abuse human rights for cut throat profit margins. Moreover these artisans receive more than just more money. They receive assistance, knowledge and placement of their products in markets they could not reach on their own. It gives talented but disadvantaged or marginalized artisans an opportunity to participate in a levelled global market.

Now YOU can help too!

Support Sivalya in raising awareness about fair trade in global market place by supporting these artisans and their livelihood. Do not buy cheap jewelry from mass produced commerce driven vendors. Each piece you buy from us goes on to provide work for women, empty an artisan or send a child to school in a developing country. We assist these artisans by providing financial help in form of interest free loans for 50% of each order we place, which is applied towards the purchase price of the order. The remainder we pay immediately upon accepting the merchandise. For comparison, in a traditional trading relationship producers generally do not receive any compensation until the merchandise is delivered or sometimes 30, 60 or 90 days after.

Our products are eco-friendly and sustainable. We provide these artisans with product, design and technological advice and sometimes direct support in form of technological devices (cameras, phones, etc). We spend time and money to promote our products at shows and via the Internet, using every opportunity to educate those who we come in touch with about the merits of fair trade and buying eco-friendly and sustainable products.

But most importantly we hope, and have seen, that the business you bring to us as a consumer and in turn we bring to artisans we work with, helps them economically. It enables them to improve their lives and break out of cycle of poverty, which they are often trapped in. It gives them economic freedom which is often a pre-requisite and basis for other forms of freedom whether social, religious or political. Our collective choice to participate in fair trade makes a difference.

Our Pledge to our customers

Our mission is a simple one: To offer our customers extraordinary values on an exceptional selection of bohemian jewelry and apparel - all with the privacy, security and convenience of online shopping. We stand behind our products and service, so we guarantee your jewelry purchase with ourmoney-back guarantee and easy returns policy.

Have a question or a comment concerning your shopping experience? You can call us at 1-407-575-0752 or e-mail us at

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