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Supporting the Humans behind the Products


At it’s Core since inception, Sivalya is and will always be a Fair Trade company. Fair Trade honors artisans and workers who make the products by paying them directly and allowing them to keep bulk share of compensation from work they do, as compared to regular companies who pay the artisans a petty share of their own earnings through labor mediators or other third party companies. We are proud to say that no sweatshops, no child labor and no middle-men are involved in creating of Sivalya brand jewelry, home goods and apparel.

Artisan segment is one of the most underemployed segments in the world, with the unemployment rate at 40%, while also being some of the most talented people in the world. Through working with these talented men and women we are able to make beautiful clothes and jewels with meaningful heritage that uplift their communities while doing no harm to the environment.

A mere 2% increase in the final product cost can lead to 20% increase in compensation received by artisans and workers. This is the portion we pass on directly to them. In addition, we donate 10% of our yearly sales to Homes of Hope foundation, helping get as many little girls off the streets in India as possible and into safe homes where they get love and care, nutritious food and a good education.



Our vision is to encourage product purchase decisions based on fair, sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, not on popularity or price. Organically produced raw materials, conflict-free gemstones, fair trade practices and environmentally friendly production processes are not buzzwords but a philosophy we live by. All these invisible elements influence how we manufacture our products and with environmental crisis at a critical tipping point, protection and preservation of the environment, divesting from dirty technologies and reducing greenhouse emissions are a priority each one of us should be concerned about.

We build long-term partnerships with artisan groups and small businesses around the world to create a global supply chain of sustainable jobs. Through their partnership with Sivalya, many female-led artisan groups are building sustainable businesses and empowering their families and communities while sharing their unique craftsmanship. Team Sivalya and community members provide support, training, resources and oversight to these women artisans to do so. Together our network of 200 artisans across 6 countries have made a best in class, socially responsible supply chain of jewelry and apparel manufacturing of unmatched quality.


We like other humans before us, are mere travelers on planet earth and have a responsibility of leaving it in as healthy and livable conditions as we found it, for our next generations to come.



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