4 Tips to Attain Mindfulness Through Nature

Everyday life can become a drag at times for the best and happiest of us. Even celebrities who seem to have it all, get depressive at times and life starts to seem like a burden for the luckiest of humans. When these times strike, it is crucial not to sway away with your mood swings and try to overcome these temporarily disabling feelings and come out stronger and better for them. One of the best ways to overcome these mood blocks is to find your own peace with spirituality and nature.

In order to be happy and be spiritually awakened, each one of us needs to go back to peace and serenity, which is found in nature easily but is hard to find within our social media obsessed lives. Once we connect with the powers out there, which are bigger and better than our inner fears, we become happier and better engaged with our lives. Holistic peace can be attained by immersing ourselves in nature and here are some ways to connect truly with nature


 1. Find your Zen Place

The first thing you need to do is find a place where you are completely comfortable and at peace. There should be almost zero distractions the place should be isolated, but if you cannot the perfect place just make the best of what you already have.

2. Find Amity

While you are sitting in midst of nature try and think of things that bring you happiness and make you feel good. Think of family, friends, pets, goals etc.… This will help send good vibes into the universe and in turn you will receive positivity back.

3. Use your Senses

Use your sense of smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing in order to connect to the place around you. Smell the flowers and listen to the birds. This will make you realize that you are a part of the universe yourself.

4. Meditate

Close your eyes and meditate for however long you want. It can be for 10 minutes or 2 hours. This will not only help calm you down and release endorphins but it will also help you connect with the world around you spiritually and start a journey to discover yourself. If you do this every day you will certainly see a difference in yourself and in your spirituality.


Trust in yourself, accept your shortcomings, believe in higher powers which fill your soul with happiness and you will discover that spirituality is truly aligned with nature at its purest form.  Namaste 🙇🏼‍♀️ Team Sivalya.

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