The Fine Edge Collection ~ Ethical Diamonds Jewelry

The Fine Edge collection from our designer team at Sivalya is a new approach to Diamond Jewelry: Elegant jewelry classics with a modern vibe and fashionable energy.


The Fine Edge Collection, is a top of the line designer fine jewelry, featuring beautiful jewelry designs set in 18K gold and silver mixed metal frames, with rose cut diamonds and precious gemstones, handset to perfection by master craftsmen. Modern designs of the Fine Edge Collection showcase hand bracelets and palm bracelets, ear cuffs and ear climbers, chandelier earrings, pave diamonds necklaces and many more, which are favored and worn by celebrities across the globe.

Designed for those of us with distinction, with a desire to rise away from mediocrity, Fine Edge jewelry pieces are not out of reach, but are designed to be a part of your everyday accessorizing routine. It is a collection which will help you raise your statement style and to Elevate your Everyday!


The jewelry production is entirely handmade in India from the best Diamonds, Gemstones and Crystals, each one hand-picked by Team Sivalya. The art of craftsmanship from the traditional Indian artisans is absolutely exceptional and allows us to work much more creatively with the highest production standards.

Skilled artisans in fine jewelry have mastered the craft of bespoke jewelry making and, diamonds/gemstones setting with skills passed down to them from generations within their family, who have been jewelers to the kings and queens since ancient times. Each piece in the Fine Edge collection is unique and a masterpiece reminiscent of the royal era, with a modern touch of elegance and sophistication.

By working directly with these highly skilled artisans, we have been able to push the creative and fiscal boundaries of fine jewelry production process. By self curating at every step of the fine jewelry production cycle, from designing, to sourcing, to creating, and finally to production and quality control, we have successfully avoided the traditional middle men involved at each step. This has helped us tremendously to keep the costs low and to present these fine jewels to our customers at unbeatable low prices, while bringing out the exact same high quality luxurious finish and authentic diamonds/ gemstones/ metals you would expect from an expensive designer jewelry showroom.

In staying true to our core values of living a conscious lifestyle, Fine Edge is a collection that honors ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly production processes. Diamonds and gemstones we use are sourced ethically, pure metals are recycled where ever possible and by working directly with the artisans, we support fair trade practices at every step of the way. Wear this piece of fine jewelry, knowing well that you helped a small artisans family and are keeping the carbon footprint low with sustainable and ethical production processes.


The Fine Edge Collection has helped us bring fine diamond jewelry directly to you at amazingly low prices. At Team Sivalya we believe that high design should not be a privilege of the few, and you should not have to visit a high end showroom for purchasing diamond jewelry. Neither should you store away and keep your fine jewelry for special occasions. Jewelry is meant to be worn and be admired in, to be a luxurious accessory to your outfits and to bring out your inner beauty with panache´. And we believe that gorgeous diamond and gold necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets from Fine Edge collection do just that, with style and elegance!

Fine Edge designs can be worn in an understated manner as an elegant layering piece for day wear or as a statement piece for those special evenings, bringing excitement into any outfit. All pieces are designed to work together with multiple mix and match, layering and stacking options. This collection is designed for a modern living, blurring the lines between casual and formal, for daytime and evening wear, providing a sophisticated update to your wardrobe for any occasion.

Raise your style statement and elevate your Everyday, with  The Fine Edge Collection ~ xoxo Team Sivalya



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